The environmental benefits of our digital mailroom solution.

A Comparative Life Cycle Analysis (LCA)

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It is estimated that for every 1 million mail items processed, Converga’s digital mailroom model saves 289 tonnes of CO2e!

We have recently completed our third Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of our digital mailroom solution by examining  the effect of this solution on our customer AIA Australia (AIAA). The LCA concluded that the GHG emissions of digital mails are significantly lower than conventional mail delivery systems. The assessment endorsed Converga’s digital mail solution as an environmentally friendly option due to elimination of paper consumption and physical delivery and handling of the mail items.

AIAA provides life insurance for 2 million Australians, about 20% of the working population. It has about 400 employees with its headquarters located in Melbourne. It outsourced its mailroom operation to Converga for cost efficiency and digital formatting of mails. Prior to this transition, AIAA used to operate its mailroom in-house and was responsible for handling external incoming mails to the office as well as the internal correspondences between different departments.

Converga’s Digital Mail solution is an innovative yet simple way to receive mail securely online. A sent mail item is scanned and converted into a digital image, in most cases Adobe PDF which is accessible online via any web browser. This solution significantly reduces the cost of handling the high volume of paper as scanned mails are entered into a workflow system for organisations to easily re-route mail to the correct recipient and are archived for later online access.

The two systems were analysed

In the assessment, two mailroom solutions were compared: Pre-Converga (In-house) and Digital Mailroom Operation (Converga).


The table below shows the comparative life-cycle quantity of GHG emissions per mail item between the AIAA and Converga mailrooms. It shows that outsourcing of the AIAA mailroom operations to Converga has resulted in a significant reduction of GHG emissions throughout the life cycle stages of mail processing. This result proves that even though using the Converga’s digital solutions increased the GHG emissions associated with the scanning and servers, the net GHG emissions savings are significant due to the omission of papers, physical delivery and printing. It is estimated that for every 1 million mail items processed, Converga’s outsourced digital mailroom solution saves 289 tonnes of CO2e.


About Converga

Converga began operations in 1994 as a mailroom service provider, and as the demand for Information Management services increased we emerged as professionals in Australia and New Zealand in Business Outsourcing and Business Co-Sourcing services.

Converga has a range of office and business solutions which use imaging, data capture, document management and workflow technologies to provide clients with real competitive advantage. It’s our business to rationalise, re-engineer and automate the workflow processes in organisations. Ultimately we turn data into valuable information and help drive enterprise-wide cost savings. Also, importantly for today’s organisation, our solutions help our clients reduce their impact on the environment.

About Advitech

Advitech Pty Limited is a responsible, professional and innovative technology-based organisation, providing engineering, technology and information management services to a broad customer base across the manufacturing, industrial, commercial, government and defence sectors. Advitech is a locally owned and operated company, with offices in Newcastle (Head Office) and Parramatta, NSW, Australia.

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