Document Processing

Converga’s Document Processing solutions are adaptable for many business processes and enable easy automation:

Forms Processing
Converga’s Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software and high-speed scanning infrastructure processes thousands of paper-based documents such as accounts payable forms and applications for our clients every day. Using your business rules and information from your back-end systems, we can provide an automated document approval service for virtually any kind of business document.

Claims Processing
Our claims processing solution offers reliable, comprehensive automated claims management. Its automation solution includes claims receipt, document categorization, imaging, indexing, data capture, workflow management, exception management, live file management and tailor-made business rules for accounts payable process.

High Volume Scanning
Converga also offers high volume scanning for clients with a large number of paper documents that they simply want digitized; the scanning can then be combined with indexing, archiving and online access depending on your needs. Our scanners are capable of processing hundreds of thousands of documents daily, giving us greater flexibility and capacity to handle the smallest through to the largest jobs. The digital versions of your previously paper-based documents can be indexed, archived and accessed online, or simply stored on a high-capacity hard drive or a collection of DVD’s. No matter the amount, Converga has the ability to tackle any high-volume scanning job.