Business Services

Converga Virtual Staff: exceptional value for the final step in your journey of innovation

Converga’s Business Services solutions are an innovative yet simple way to significantly lower labor costs in your organization’s back office. Just as Converga can handle all of your document processing needs (“Document Services”) and certain financial transactions (“Financial Services”), Converga can also deploy virtual staff to perform non-core support functions for your organization (“Business Services”).

Converga’s Business Services provides professional service and exceptional quality in four primary functional areas common to every organization. These services are provided in real time during your standard business hours, and come with guarantees of accuracy, on-time performance and customer satisfaction.

  • Administration: Executive support and reception, call handling, and correspondence
  • Accounting: General bookkeeping and reporting
  • Marketing: Web design and content, digital and internet marketing
  • Data Processing: Data entry, conversion, and reporting

The benefits to your business from using these Services are clear. Sourcing back office functions to Converga significantly reduces the cost of providing administrative, clerical, and support services within your organization. Converga provides its clients with experienced, highly proficient virtual staff to deliver required output in your reception, accounting, customer marketing and data processing functions. You will be pleasantly surprised by how much you can save.

Each of these services are optimized through the combination of best in class;

  • People
  • Processes
  • Technology

Our focus on innovation, sustainability and lean-business practices means our clients enjoy greater efficiency and improved financial outcomes. Our solutions are proven and documented, delivering on-going cost savings, increased service levels and productivity, reduced carbon emissions and an on-going strategic advantage for our clients.