On 8th November 20NABSupplierAward11, The National Australia Bank (NAB) held their Annual Academy awards for their suppliers.

Converga was invited to take part in the Supplier Award ceremony and was encouraged to apply for an award under one of three categories. 

We are pleased to advise that Converga came ‘runner up’ in the collaboration section of the awards which is an incredible result when there were over 20 applicants in this section, all of whom are key suppliers to the NAB.

Converga’s commercial journey with NAB commenced in October 2009 and over the past year we have really seen some fantastic results which is due to the dedication, commitment and determination shown by both teams at NAB and Converga. These results include; 

  • Completing over 20 enhancements to the Paperless Accounts Payable Solution, reducing the overall number of paper invoices by 11% through the conversion of paper to digital which equates to saving approximately 400 trees* and,
  • Reduced the invoice exception volume by 27% which equates to NAB reducing their Exceptions Offshore Accounts Payable team by 50% due to the overall improvements

Based on these results and the improvement in our overall relationship, Converga applied for a NAB Supplier award under the ‘Collaboration’ section. 

Converga are focused on obtaining first place next year and look forward to another successful year in partnership with NAB. 

*Calculations based on study ‘For every 1 million invoices processed electronically, 3200 trees can be saved. 

18 November, 2011

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