Converga launches Paper ‘LESS’ promotion

LESS COST : Save a minimum of 30%
 through eliminating costly manual data entry plus physical storage and retrieval costs. Substantially reduce your operating expenses through automation, process improvement and labour savings. Our solution frees-up your staff to concentrate on your core business activities.

LESS TIME : See cost savings from implementation in as little as 30 days
. Reduce your invoice processing from days to hours, improve your workflow control; information accuracy and business compliance by eliminating your paper invoice trail. Report on liabilities and respond to supplier queries in real-time.

LESS CO2 : For every 1 million electronic invoices processed, up to 800 tonnes of CO2 and 3200 trees can be saved
. Find out more about how you can help the environment and download your copy of the independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) report.

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