Announcing Converga and GORigger’s Partnership

Converga is GORigger’s preferred document management partner. Converga specializes in management of non-core business functions, prevention of over-billing and Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) compliance.

Non-core business functions

Focus on your company’s core business functions while Converga manages accounts payable operations and other non-core functions. Converga’s Digital Mailroom solution deploys high speed scanners, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies and workflow management software to streamline AP and lower your operating costs. Moreover, our services require no upfront investment and provide a minimum 25% savings within 30 days.


Prevention of over-billing

Converga’s Intelligent Document Recognition (IDR) software and high speed scanning infrastructure processes millions of accounts payable invoices, statements and correspondence for our clients every day. Coupled with its OCR systems, these technologies allow Converga to recognize duplicate billings and flag them for your review.

BSEE Compliance

Oil and gas operations are governed by a number of regulations. BSEE enforces compliance with these regulations and periodically updates rules to reflect advancements in technology and new information.

Converga’s document digitization capabilities support oil and gas companies’ compliance with BSEE regulations. For example, our services convert paper oil rig documents into highly secure, well-organized and easily searchable electronic documents.