Our Local Team

Converga General Manager, United States

Michael Hasik

General Manager, United States

Michael Hasik is Converga’s General Manager for the United States, where he leads sales, marketing, client services and technology center operations. Prior to joining Converga in 2011, Michael managed both operational and financial shared services in multi-$B commercial organizations. He also served as Director of Consulting at a company specializing in business process automation software development and delivery.

Michael is a graduate of Duke University and the Olin School of Business at Washington University in St. Louis.

Operations Manager

Dan Cothern

Operations Manager

Dan leads Converga’s US Technology Center based in Chicago, Illinois. This operation provides digital mailroom services to 122 North American companies, and coordinates with Converga’s operations overseas on final delivery of digitized documents and transactional data. Dan’s team handles nearly 2 million transactions annually for these customers, while providing the highest levels of quality and speed in processing.

Dan has over 15 years of experience managing high volume document services environments such as the Chicago facility. His extensive career has been centered on the outbound domain, including print. Since joining Converga, Dan’s management responsibilities have been focused on the inbound space, primarily in financial transactions processing.