The Journey of AP Automation – Two Part Series

Part 1: Automated Accounts Payable in Practice

Presenter: Jussi Karjalainen
Date: Tuesday, 18th March 2014
Time: 11:30am AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne Time)
Location: At your computer!


Part 2: Achieve Healthy Supplier Relations through Electronic Invoicing

Presenter: Jussi Karjalainen
Date: Tuesday, 25th March 2014
Time: 11:30am AEDT (Sydney/Melbourne Time)
Location: At your computer!


Here’s what we’ll cover:

In this two part webinar series, Converga offers implementation and success insights for Accounts Payable and Procurement professionals into moving from manual Accounts Payable to a sophisticated, supplier chain integrated straight through processing model.

Part 1: Automated Accounts Payable in Practice (Tuesday, 18th March)

  • Evolution of Accounts Payable automation – from green screens to 5-way matching
  • Scanning and Capture as the enabler AP automation
  • Electronic Invoicing – getting to the next level of information capture
  • How to fit the pieces of AP together
  • Q & A

Part 2: Achieve Healthy Supplier Relations through Electronic Invoicing (Tuesday, 25th March)

  • Achieve healthy supplier relations through Electronic Invoicing
  • Overview of a supplier friendly Electronic Invoicing program
  • How to successfully on board your suppliers on Electronic Invoicing
  • Listening to your suppliers, the importance of communications
  • Timelines and benefits to expect
  • Q & A

About the presenter:

Jussi Karjalainen – Product Director, Electronic Invoicing Jussi-Karjalainen

Jussi has extensive experience gathered within the last 8 years on financial process automation, specifically accounts payable automation, accounts receivables, procurement and electronic invoicing for large corporations and SME’s. This experience has been gathered in Northern and Central Europe as well as the Asia Pacific regions.

Jussi is passionate on bringing simplicity to traditionally complex financial processes and combining technology on where it delivers value with a customer benefit of automation and cost efficiencies.